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Benefits Of Cloud Based ERP

Cloud based ERP is one of the most popular software as a service (SaaS) for businesses today. Among various benefits that cloud computing has brought forth, cloud based ERP has the largest implication across all industries. With companies inadvertently relying on automated systems and managing all core areas of the business through some centralized software, the benefits of cloud based ERP are easy to gauge.

Every Business Can Afford It

The first major benefit of cloud based ERP is that every business, irrespective of the industry it is in and the number of employees it has, can afford enterprise resource planning systems. ERP was and is anything but cheap. Most small to medium businesses could not even think of an investment that developing an ERP solution demanded. Naturally, a huge section of business owners had to do without the convenience of an ERP system. With cloud based ERP, all and sundry can now have a centralized system where all departments can be integrated and operating all the regular tasks of the business has become automated, simplified and more accurate than what can be humanly achieved.

Fixed Expense

Most ERP solutions were developed specific to clients’ requirements. Thus, managing and maintaining an ERP solution was also an onus on the company that has purchased it. Trying to manage everything of an ERP system is not only time consuming and requires expertise but can incur some erratic costs as well. Many companies who have their own ERP systems incur unforeseeable costs every month for some reason or the other. With cloud based ERP, a company only pays a fixed price and doesn’t worry about anything to do with the system, its backyard, maintenance or anything. The business owners or managers know how much has to be paid every month, until one upgrades the system or opts for more features.

Scale Up Anytime

ERP solutions take time to be developed and it also takes time to install them, test them and get things rolling. It may so happen and it is normal for any company to have a requirement of pulling in more users, departments, additional features or installation of the ERP solution in a new location or branch. Such scalability although is available with conventional ERP systems still is time consuming, expensive and involves a great deal of work. With cloud based ERP, companies can scale up to any extent in a few hours and that too again without any initial investment but a small surge in the monthly service fees.

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