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Facebook Vs. Google+: Let the New Battle of SMO Begin

The honest truth is that Facebook isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for competition. The social network behemoth might have more than 750 million members and counting, but who says people can only belong to one social network? All it takes is for a monopolizer’s weakness to be exploited for an opponent to find success.

Google has designed their own social network, Google+, with all of Facebook’s flaws in mind. The new network is still in its beta phase, but already it can be seen that the search engine masters have devised a social network based on the idea that privacy doesn’t have to be fought for and personal information doesn’t have to be protected. In a world where these things are what drives the modern digital market, that’s a pretty bold move to make.

When it comes to SMO, Google+ might seem like an internet marketing company nightmare. Users are provided ways to divvy up friends into separate lists, wherein information is only relayed among those within the individual group. Settings regarding posts, messages, profile information, and search results are in the user’s control from the get-go, unlike Facebook where members must navigate through several turn styles of options in order to regulate their own privacy.

If Google+ takes off, then the rules regarding SMO might need to be rewritten. It will ultimately depend on how much of Google+ people actually like. In light of Facebook, which profits solely on the manipulation of member data, people might flock to Google+ or at the very least demand that other social networking sites follow Google’s example when it comes to preserving privacy. What does this mean for Facebook? For now, it means playing it safe while you can and arming up for a potential fight.

That’s why just a few weeks ago Facebook announced, atop it’s announcement that they’re joining forces with Skype, that they’re planning on releasing “products” soon, as well as introducing a whole new wave of services on the social network site itself. They not only want to distract people away from the heavy emphasis on privacy that plagues any news story on Facebook, but they want to make the right moves early on to constantly stay one step ahead of any and all competition.

What does all this mean for internet marketers who specialize in social media optimization? Nothing in the immediate future, but storm clouds are definitely on the horizon. Sit tight in the mean time and keep doing what you do, but keep in mind that the rules might change soon. In this business, that’s something you’re going to have to get used to.

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  1. Hi KC Tan, it is not about SMO war, it is about SEO war as well. Google allows links from Google+ to determine search engine ranking for a website. As an internet marketer, sometimes I feel tired coz the internet world changes so fast! :)

    We then have to optimize SEO and SMO as well.

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